Lean On Me offers a wide variety of hardwood walking canes, hiking and walking sticks, crutches, ceremonial staffs and more. Our walking canes and other pieces are individually handcrafted – custom made to order – taking your needs into consideration. If your need is a pair of handsome crutches, please take a look at the styles we offer.

Our designer walking canes are created using single color hardwoods or multiple laminations of different and beautifully complimentary colored woods. Please access the links to Primary and Accent Woods to see the variety of woods we offer. Whether straight, with symmetrical turns, or one of our free form inspirations, you can be sure each stylish walking cane is a work of art. For added interest, semi precious stones or other natural elements can be incorporated into the design to enhance the beauty and create a truly unique piece.

We believe that a beautifully stylish and artistic walking cane is as much an accessory as a piece of jewelry or a hat!

Please enjoy our Gallery and join our family of valued Lean On Me collectors of hand-crafted canes and walking sticks from coast to coast.

Make your next walking cane a Lean On Me designer original!

Contact us directly if you have any questions. All inquiries should be via email.

Lean On Me
34 Taylor St.
Portland, ME 04102


Lean On Me began literally by accident. A 1985 head injury left me with the need to use a cane for balance. I couldn’t find any canes available that were classy or attractive, so I began making my own. People would stop me on the street and order canes for themselves. This happened often enough that I decided to go into the cane business.
Each cane is custom made. I keep the customer in mind while making each cane or walking stick. Please “lean on me” for your cane or walking stick needs.

Carl Pabst, Cane Maker